Dreamteam: act.3 and Campus M University deepen their partnership with act.3 power days

The partnership between act.3 and Campus M University sets new impulses and offers students practical insights into strategic marketing and creative project development.

von Iris Herbst am 11.06.2024

act.3 and Campus M University have teamed up to shape the future together. Ramona Raps Managing Director of act.3 and an alumna of Campus M Universtiy, presented the goals and visions of this partnership at the act.3 x Campus M power days in Herzogenaurach.

"Here at act.3, we're more than just a company – we're a community of passionate individuals dedicated to turning our passion into impact", explains Ramona Raps. Since 2012, act.3 has exclusively collaborated with global brands such as adidas, UEFA, and FC Bayern, leading in the field of cultural marketing. With offices on six continents, act.3 has played a significant role in major global sports events like the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Euro.

Ramona Raps emphasized the importance of the partnership with Campus M:

"At the heart of this collaboration lies our shared commitment to embracing diverse perspectives, building community, and embracing culture to drive real growth and change. My time at Campus M University, a vibrant hub of knowledge and inspiration, showed me firsthand the transformative power of nurturing new generations and staying ahead of emerging trends. What really struck a chord with me was Campus M's practical approach, where purpose-driven work isn't just a concept but a way of life." Ramona Raps Managing Director of act.3 and an alumna of Campus M Universtiy

During the recent act.3 x Campus M power days, Ramona Raps was inspired by the passion, curiosity and drive of Campus M students.„Their proactive mindset and dream to "make ideas happen" perfectly mirror how we work at act.3. This partnership also underscores act.3's commitment to empowering talent, embracing fresh perspectives, and fostering growth."

Through the collaboration, students will have the opportunity to gain practical experience and understand the importance of strategic, creative, and experiential moments in sustainable brand development.  „Together, act.3 and Campus M provide a platform where creativity, expression, and personal and professional growth thrive. We're all about sharing insights, trends, and knowledge to shape the future of brands, empowering individuals to carve their own paths and make meaningful contributions to a happier world." Ramona Raps concluded.

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